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August 04, 2016
Seven Seas Expands on Anime Expo with Details of New Licenses

This past July, we at Seven Seas were thrilled to attend Anime Expo 2016. Along with meeting thousands of manga fans, co-hosting a panel with Monster Musume creator OKAYADO, and proudly sharing a booth with Ninja Division (partner in our new game division, Shinobi 7), we also announced several new licenses at our industry panel:

Dreamin’ Sun
Story and art by Ichigo Takano

Magical Girl Site
Story and art by Kentaro Sato

Plum Crazy! Tales of a Tiger-Striped Cat
Story and art by Hoshino Natsumi

Species Domain
Story and art by Noro Shunsuke

The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku (light novel)
Story by Muya Agami and cosMo@BousouP
Art by Yūnagi

June 23, 2016
Ninja Division and Seven Seas Announce Joint Venture, SHINOBI 7, And Upcoming Tokyo Ghoul Game

Ninja Division Publishing™, LLC and Seven Seas Entertainment™, LLC are proud to announce the formation of a new joint venture game company, Shinobi 7. Combining Ninja Division’s expertise in superior quality game design with Seven Seas’ know-how in license acquisition and curation, Shinobi 7 will focus on producing tabletop games that are based on hit anime, manga, and pop culture brands.

“I’m absolutely thrilled about our partnership,” says Seven Seas Publisher Jason DeAngelis, who will act as Shinobi 7’s CEO. “Ninja Division is a groundbreaking company that has created a new category of chibi-style games. They are experts at what they do, and have earned the respect of the gaming community. Combined with Seven Seas’ licensing capabilities, Shinobi 7 is well-positioned to acquire and curate licenses and make high quality games.”

Shinobi 7’s new games will join Ninja Division’s lineup of breakout brands such as Super Dungeon: Explore, currently produced in four languages with sales of over 100,000 core games and more than half a million expansions. Ninja Division Publishing will oversee marketing, promotions, sales, warehousing, and fulfillment for all Shinobi 7 products.

June 03, 2016
Seven Seas to Launch CAPTIVE HEARTS OF OZ Manga Series With Bestselling Manga-ka Mamenosuke Fujimaru

Seven Seas Entertainment is proud to announce its collaboration with Mamenosuke Fujimaru on an all-new manga series--Captive Hearts of Oz. Fujimaru is a New York Times bestselling artist and author, known for her prolific and acclaimed work on the Alice in the Country of... manga series.

Captive Hearts of Oz re-imagines L. Frank Baum’s original Oz stories in a modern, shoujo style, much in the same way that the Alice in the Country of... series revisited Lewis Carroll’s work. Captive Hearts of Oz is an original tale of magic, adventure and romance, and will be a four volume series, released for the first time anywhere by Seven Seas Entertainment. Japanese author Ryo Maruya will write the story, accompanied by Mamenosuke Fujimaru’s beautiful artwork.

Dorothy Gale, along with her beloved dog Toto, finds herself whisked away by a tornado to the mysterious land of Oz. Something about this strange place feels oddly familiar, but Dorothy just wants to go home. Following the advice of a kindly Witch, Dorothy must travel to the Emerald City and seek out the Wizard of Oz, who alone has the power to send her back to her world.

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