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About Seven Seas

Formed in 2004 by Jason DeAngelis, Seven Seas Entertainment, LLC. specializes in producing and publishing original manga, graphic novels, youth literature, and bringing the best in Japanese licenses to North American audiences.

The company's line-up includes original manga properties such as the long running eleven-volume Amazing Agent Luna series, and the award-winning steampunk trilogy Hollow Fields; licensed manga such as A Certain Scientific Railgun, Dance in the Vampire Bund, and Toradora!, all New York Times Bestselling manga series; and the epic YA novel series Avalon: Web of Magic by Rachel Roberts.

Seven Seas' web site, Gomanga.com, and dedicated web comic portal, Zoomcomics.com, has become a daily stop for thousands of visitors eager to read free manga online and contribute to an ever-growing forum community.

In 2007, Seven Seas partnered with Tor Books in a distribution and co-publishing deal. Together, they have published manga under the Tor/Seven Seas banner, such as Afro Samurai, the Wicked City novels by Hideyuki Kikuchi, Orson Scott Card's original manga series Laddertop, and a manga adaptation of Larry Niven's classic science fiction epic Ringworld. Meanwhile, Seven Seas continues to publish manga under its own banner, and is distributed by Macmillan.

Seven Seas' core expertise is creating original-English language manga. Since 2004, Seven Seas, along with native English-speaking writers, has created and published approximately 45 individual volumes of original manga, which total over 7000 pages of artwork and story.

Seven Seas works with a stable of highly-talented international manga artists. In 2007, Seven Seas' original manga Hollow Fields was a winner of the first Japanese Foreign Ministry's International Manga Award, the only work by a western artist to receive such a distinction at the time.

In addition to creating original works, Seven Seas has licensed existing properties and adapted them into manga, such as Speed Racer and the video game Death, Jr.

Seven Seas staple business is licensing manga from Japan and Korea, many of which regularly hit the New York Times Bestseller manga list. In addition to brand new licenses, Seven Seas has relaunched fan favorite licenses such as Gunslinger Girl, and in 2012, will continue the lapsed best selling Alice in the Country of Hearts series with the all new Alice in the Country of Clover series.

The Seven Seas Crew

The Dashing Captain

Jason DeAngelis brings with him an expertise in Japanese language and culture, having lived, worked, and studied in Japan for six years. In the past, he has translated such prominent manga titles as Berserk and Gundam Seed. He is also a writer who attended the UCLA Professional Screenwriting Program. Besides being the president and publisher of Seven Seas, he is its Chief Creative Officer, and oversees all aspects associated with original manga development.

The Obsessed Fan turned Skipper

Adam Arnold is a self-proclaimed otaku that turned a hobby into a professional career in publishing. He co-created the webzine Animefringe: Online Anime Magazine and has worked as a rewriter on such titles as Love Hina, A.I. Love You, Pita-Ten, and G Gundam. At Seven Seas, Adam wears multiple hats. He is the Managing Editor in charge of production (200+ books and counting!), he is the Webmaster responsible for keeping Gomanga.com and ZoomComics.com running, and he penned the fan-favorite series Aoi House and the ongoing supernatural comedy Vampire Cheerleaders.

The Energizer Bunny

Yayoi Ihne is a professional licensor and translator who has been involved in the publishing industry since the Pokemon craze. She has worked in licensing at VIZ and her freelance work was instrumental in helping Del Rey nab several key licenses early on. Yayoi is a connections specialist always in search of the next hit property and she brings her specialized skills to Seven Seas as our Head of Licensing. Yayoi has also translated several titles including Sugar Sugar Rune and is currently working on her own novel.

The Design Dude

Nicky Lim is a professional web and graphic designer that one day got burned out and turned his attention to his first love--graphic storytelling. He became involved in various comic book and manga projects to further his knowledge of sequential art and its various production methods. Nicky is currently involved with Seven Seas as a letterer and designer of such series as Amazing Agent Luna, Arkham Woods and It Takes A Wizard.

The Husband and Wife Tag Team

Roland Amago is an Architecture graduate turned graphic artist, while Bambi Eloriaga-Amago is a Journalism graduate who has been involved in the manga business, mainly in the writing and editing fields, for several years now. Separately, Bambi has worked on script rewrites for books such as He is My Master and Roland on tones and background work for Amazing Agent Luna and Captain Nemo. Their first professional collaboration was on 2007's Moonlight Meow (story by Bambi, art by Roland). Meow marked a personal milestone for the duo as well, suffice to say, the two tied the knot three months after the manga's release. Together, the Philippine-based couple has been the retouch, lettering, and layout team behind licenses such as Afro Samurai, Venus Versus Virus, Dance in the Vampire Bund, and countless others.


If you are a retailer or librarian that is interested in carrying Seven Seas' titles, please feel free to contact our distributor, Macmillan, for wholesale ordering information:

Seven Seas books may be purchased for educational, business, or promotional use. For information on bulk purchases, please contact Macmillan Corporate and Premium Sales Department at 1-800-221-7945 (extension 5442) or write specialmarkets@macmillan.com.

Foreign Publishing Rights

If you are a foreign publisher that is interested in licensing one of our series, we have a full catalogue available for you to download and look through that details all the original manga and novel series for which we hold the rights. For a copy of this catalogue, please click the link below for the full PDF.

Seven Seas Properties Catalog (3.60MB PDF)

General Questions & Contact Info

For questions or comments about the website, our products and services, licensing, and all other inquiries, please follow this link.

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