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  • Monster Musume: I Heart Monster Girls Vol. 4
  • The Other Side of Secret Vol. 4
  • The Seven Princes of the Thousand Year Labyrinth Vol. 2
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July 03, 2015
Seven Seas Visits the Afterlife with License of Angel Beats!: Heaven's Door Manga

Seven Seas Entertainment is excited to announce their acquisition of the long-awaited manga series, Angel Beats!: Heaven's Door.

Inspired by the wildly popular anime, this all-new manga series brings to light one of the most important events within the franchise—the formation of the Afterlife Battlefront. Released on home video in North America by Sentai Filmworks, the Angel Beats! anime has gone on to become a perennial seller, and a beloved series by many fans.

"Angel Beats!: Heaven's Door is a title we've been eager to publish," said Seven Seas publisher Jason DeAngelis. “The anime was a major hit, and this manga series builds upon the Angel Beats universe by adding an in-depth backstory, exciting new plot elements, and deeper characterizations. Comedy, action, cute girls, and even some interesting thoughts on the afterlife – we think Heaven's Door will be a great title for both new and old fans of the work."

May 19, 2015
Seven Seas Has Gotta Catch 'Em All With License of Tomodachi x Monster

Seven Seas Entertainment acquires a new ultra-violent, dark parody series with their license of Yoshihiko Inui's manga series, Tomodachi x Monster.

In a small mountainous village in rural Japan, strange creatures lurk. It's here that young Wataru hears a voice calling out to him. Wandering from his school, he soon discovers a new “friend” that will transform his life forever – or drastically shorten it. Wataru learns of a hidden world of monsters who seek to befriend young children, and together with them enter a horrifying death match.

May 06, 2015
Seven Seas Entertainment Walks with the Dead with License of Hour of the Zombie

Seven Seas Entertainment is thrilled to announce their acquisition of Tsukasa Saimura's manga series, Hour of the Zombie.

Akira is your typical student living a conventional high school life. He has dreams and aspirations like everyone else, and an unrequited crush on his childhood friend, Kurumi. Unfortunately for him she seems more interested in Akira’s best friend, Umezawa. And yet their innocent love triangle pales in comparison to what the three friends are about to experience, even if it may yet be their saving grace.

Students are suddenly turning into frenzied zombies, attacking and gorging themselves upon each other's flesh. The school is being torn apart until suddenly... they stop. With the zombies apparently back to normal, the school is now divided between the previously turned and the unbitten. But how long will this peace last? And what caused students to turn in the first place? When any of your classmates could suddenly decide to have you for lunch, a friendly face can become the scariest thing in the room.

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