(2017-01-19)   Seven Seas Collaborates with J-Novel Club to Bring Light Novels to Print

(2017-01-13)   Seven Seas Transcends Time with Satoshi Mizukami’s Spirit Circle Manga Series

(2017-01-13)   Seven Seas Revives a Classic with Record of Lodoss War: The Grey Witch – Gold Edition Novel

(2017-01-13)   Seven Seas Combats Evil with Cutie Honey A Go Go! Manga License

(2017-01-13)   Seven Seas Quests for Love with Dragon Half Manga Omnibus Series

(2017-01-13)   Seven Seas Has Sweet Dreams with Yumi Unita's SLEEPING BEAUTY Manga License

(2017-01-12)   Seven Seas Expands The Testament of Sister New Devil Franchise with Storm! Spin-Off Manga License

(2017-01-12)   Seven Seas Takes Center Stage with Hatsune Miku: Bad∞End∞Night Manga Series

(2017-01-12)   Seven Seas Moves to the Head of the Class with a Full-Color Edition of HOLLOW FIELDS Graphic Novels

(2017-01-11)   Seven Seas Shoots for the Stars with CAPTAIN HARLOCK: DIMENSIONAL VOYAGE Manga Series

(2017-01-11)   Seven Seas Waxes Poetic with THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO Manga License

(2017-01-11)   Seven Seas Has Hell to Pay with Go Nagai and Rui Takatou’s Devilman G Horror Manga Series

(2017-01-11)   Seven Seas Revitalizes Literary Classics with New Line-Up of Manga Artist Illustrated Novels

(2017-01-10)   Seven Seas Dreams Big with ALICE & ZOUROKU Manga Series

(2017-01-10)   Seven Seas Returns to Battle with the MAGICAL GIRL SPECIAL OPS ASUKA Manga Series

(2017-01-10)   Seven Seas Transforms with UNMAGICAL GIRL Manga Series

(2017-01-09)   Seven Seas Raises the Curtain with Hatsune Miku Presents: Hachune Miku’s Everyday Vocaloid Paradise Manga Series

(2017-01-09)   Seven Seas Dives Deep with WADANOHARA AND THE GREAT BLUE SEA Manga Series

(2017-01-09)   Seven Seas Gears Up for Battle with ABSOLUTE DUO Manga

(2016-10-28)   Seven Seas Entertainment Proudly Announces My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness Manga

(2016-10-28)   Seven Seas To Publish Limited Edition of The Ancient Magus' Bride Volume 6 with Bonus Chapter Booklet

(2016-10-28)   Seven Seas Dashes Off to Adventure With Tales of Zestiria Manga License

(2016-10-28)   Seven Seas Seeks A Higher Education With Akashic Records of the Bastard Magical Instructor Manga License

(2016-10-27)   Seven Seas Wanders Into the Woods with Red Riding Hood and the Big Sad Wolf Shoujo Manga

(2016-10-27)   Seven Seas Keeps It In the Family With Nozomu Tamaki's Don’t Meddle With My Daughter Superhero Manga

(2016-10-26)   Seven Seas Sprouts Animal Ears with License of Supernatural Shoujo Manga Beasts of Abigaile

(2016-10-26)   Seven Seas Casts A Spell With Generation Witch Manga 

(2016-10-25)   Seven Seas Continues its Scholarly Pursuit with the Second Volume of Monster Girl Encyclopedia

(2016-10-25)   Seven Seas Powers Up with Concrete Revolutio: The Complete Saga Omnibus Collection

(2016-10-24)   Seven Seas Makes Gamers’ Dreams Come True with Yurino Tsukigase’s Otome Mania!! Manga

(2016-09-28)   Seven Seas Entertainment Releases Critically-Acclaimed orange eBooks

(2016-08-04)   Seven Seas Expands on Anime Expo with Details of New Licenses

(2016-06-23)   Ninja Division and Seven Seas Announce Joint Venture, SHINOBI 7, And Upcoming Tokyo Ghoul Game

(2016-06-03)   Seven Seas to Launch CAPTIVE HEARTS OF OZ Manga Series With Bestselling Manga-ka Mamenosuke Fujimaru

(2016-06-03)   Seven Seas Enters a New Realm With THE GIRL FROM THE OTHER SIDE: SIÚIL, A RÚN Manga License

(2016-06-02)   Seven Seas Adds A New Item to the Menu With THERE'S A DEMON LORD ON THE FLOOR Manga License

(2016-06-02)   Seven Seas Rediscovers The Meaning Of Cute With Milk Morinaga's HANA & HINA AFTER SCHOOL Yuri Manga

(2016-06-02)   Seven Seas Hunts Zombies with License of TOKYO UNDEAD Manga

(2016-06-01)   Seven Seas Has No Romantic Regrets With KINDRED SPIRITS ON THE ROOF Yuri Manga License

(2016-06-01)   Seven Seas Sleeps With The Lights On With License of GHOST DIARY Manga

(2016-06-01)   Seven Seas Expands Its Digital Manga Library Onto Barnes & Noble's NOOK Platform

(2016-05-31)   Seven Seas Stops To Smell The Flowers With KASE-SAN AND... Yuri Manga License

(2016-05-31)   Seven Seas Royally Proclaims the License of Milk Morinaga's SECRET OF THE PRINCESS

(2016-05-30)   Seven Seas Springs Into New Licenses!

(2016-04-20)   Seven Seas Entertainment To Attend Anime Expo 2016, Along with Special Guest—OKAYADO!

(2016-04-20)   Seven Seas Entertainment renews distribution agreement with comiXology, expands to Amazon’s Kindle Store

(2016-02-29)   Seven Seas Sates Its Appetite with License of RE:MONSTER Manga

(2016-02-14)   Seven Seas Celebrates Valentine's Day With License of Yuri Series Bloom Into You

(2015-12-11)   Seven Seas Goes Beyond Romance with License of NTR: Netsuzou Trap

(2015-12-11)   Seven Seas is At Your Service with License of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

(2015-12-10)   Seven Seas Teaches Survival with License of Land of the Rising Dead: A Tokyo School Girl's Guide To Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

(2015-12-10)   Seven Seas Gives Shoujo Makeover to Classic Pride and Prejudice Novel

(2015-12-09)   Seven Seas Crafts a New World with How to Build a Dungeon: Book of the Demon King

(2015-12-08)   Seven Seas Educates Monster Fan Masses with License of Monster Girl Encyclopedia

(2015-12-07)   Seven Seas Gets Extra Colorful with License of Please Tell Me! Galko-chan

(2015-12-07)   Seven Seas Makes Music with License of Magia the Ninth

(2015-12-04)   Seven Seas Goes Prehistoric with License of My Girlfriend is a T-Rex

(2015-12-03)   Seven Seas Ensnares the License for The Seven Princes of the Thousand Year Labyrinth

(2015-12-02)   Seven Seas Bewitches with License of Holy Corpse Rising

(2015-12-01)   Seven Seas Goes Back to Class with License of My Pathetic Vampire Life

(2015-12-01)   Seven Seas Returns to Hell with License of Love in Hell: Death Life

(2015-11-30)   Seven Seas Hits the Bullseye with License of Lord Marksman and Vanadis

(2015-11-25)   Seven Seas Invites You to 10 Days of Licensing!

(2015-11-06)   Seven Seas Expands Its Harem with Monster Musume: I Heart Monster Girls

(2015-11-04)   Seven Seas Entertainment Celebrates Over Ten Years of Amazing Agent Luna with Final Volume

(2015-09-30)   Seven Seas Titles Now Available on Book Walker

(2015-09-04)   Seven Seas Strikes Back with Masamune-kun's Revenge

(2015-09-04)   Seven Seas Hops into the Fray with License of Battle Rabbits

(2015-09-04)   Seven Seas Goes to the Front of the Class with License of I Was Abducted by an Elite All-Girls School as a Sample Commoner

(2015-07-15)   Seven Seas Entertainment Goes Down the Yellow Brick Road in Illustrated Wizard of Oz Novel Omnibus

(2015-07-14)   Seven Seas Enters a New World with The Other Side of Secret Manga License

(2015-07-13)   Rest in Peace, Anastasia

(2015-07-03)   Seven Seas Visits the Afterlife with License of Angel Beats!: Heaven's Door Manga

(2015-05-19)   Seven Seas Has Gotta Catch 'Em All With License of Tomodachi x Monster

(2015-05-06)   Seven Seas Entertainment Walks with the Dead with License of Hour of the Zombie

(2015-04-30)   Seven Seas Entertainment Envisions a Brighter Future with License of orange Manga Series

(2015-04-29)   Seven Seas Entertainment Returns to the Virtual World with License of NOT LIVES Manga Series

(2015-04-28)   Seven Seas Entertainment Mixes Fun, Freaky, and Frankenstein with License of FRANKEN FRAN Manga Series

(2015-04-08)   Space Dandy Deck-Building Card Game is a Kickstarted Go!

(2015-03-04)   Seven Seas Kickstarts its First Game: SPACE DANDY

(2015-03-03)   Seven Seas Launches Tabletop Games Division

(2014-05-30)   Monster Musume Continues to be a Monster Hit!

(2014-01-31)   Orange You Glad It's Time to Announce Our Newest Yuri License?

(2014-01-27)   Seven Seas To Publish Dance in the Vampire Bund "Doujinshi" Collections!

(2014-01-03)   Seven Seas turns "10" with a New Website!

(2013-12-09)   Eight New Licenses for Seven Seas!

(2013-11-05)   On the Seven Seas: A Centaur's Life

(2013-10-17)   Monster Musume is this Halloween's Special Treat!

(2013-08-09)   Seven Seas Got Milk!

(2013-07-15)   Seven Seas Launches on Air, Land and Sea!

(2013-02-18)   Seven Seas Declares "World War Blue"

(2013-02-14)   Centaurs & Succubi & Lamias, Oh My!

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