SERIES: Alice in the Country of Diamonds

Alice in the Country of Diamonds
Story by Sana Shirakawa | Concept by QuinRose | Art by Nana Fumitsuki | © Sana Shirakawa / QuinRose 2013


After another Wonderland “move” throws Alice into the Country of Diamonds, she’s in for a nasty surprise: in Diamonds, none of her old friends recognize her! A routine trip to Hatter Mansion ends with Eliot’s gun in her face and a trip to the Hatter’s dungeon. As Alice tries to figure out the new dangerous reality of the Country of Diamonds—including the possibility that it’s stuck somewhere in the past—Blood develops interest in her, and tentatively offers her protection in his country. But this isn’t the Mad Hatter Alice is used to: this Blood seems younger, lacking his usual confidence, and struggling to run his Mafia organization. He’s also obsessed with her relationship with the “other” Blood Dupre, even while he and Alice become much more intimate.

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