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Boogiepop & Others Commercial

In Japan, Boogiepop novel publisher MediaWorks produced a series of commercials to help promote the release of several of the novels in Kouhei Kadono's unforgettable series. Much like Boogiepop himself, these commercials have become the stuff of urban legend. Featuring fully animated short clip sequences pulled directly from the novels and using Kouji Ogata's own character designs, each commercial is a visually eye-catching tour de force that surpasses the animation seen in Boogiepop Phantom. To quote issue 85 of Anime News Network's Protoculture Addicts, "These ads never made it across the Pacific with either [the anime] Boogiepop Phantom or [the movie] Boogiepop and Others, and probably never will." That is...until now.

In honor of our release of the Kouhei Kadono's Boogiepop and Others in North America, Seven Seas Entertainment is pleased to present the first of MediaWorks' original Boogiepop novel advertisments in English for the first time ever. Trust us, it's the coolest 30 seconds you'll ever see.

Boogiepop and Others Commercial (30 sec)
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Illustrations by KOUJI OGATA

Special thanks to Alan Clontz (Zarxrax) for going beyond the call of duty subbing this commercial.

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