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No Man's Land: The Flash Anime

Join us for history-in-the-making with Seven Seas' first-ever Flash Anime! So crank up the volume and dim those lights for a scare-tastic good time! And once you're done, be sure to check out the first volume of No Man's Land right here at Gomanga.com!

No Man's Land: The Flash Anime
Episode One - "PILOT"
Small View: (500x286 - 4.30 MB) [Newgrounds.com]
Large View: (700x400 - 6.51 MB) [Hosted Locally]
Alternate: YouTube Version (No Flash Required)
Download the Soundtrack to Episode One:
128kbps (1.93 MB) | 192kbps (2.89 MB)

Episode Two (Unfinished)
View the unfinished second part at YouTube.com

Series Credits
Original Story & Screenplay: Jason DeAngelis
Animation and Sound: Jonathan Talas
Character Design: Jennyson Rosero
Soundtrack Composer: Keiei Kubota

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