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Report on the Sociological and Economic Implications of
Trans-Dimensional Travel for Trade and Cultural Exchange

Prepared for Lord Nakadai by Trade Minister Hideaki Yamashiro

There is little doubt that open trade with other worlds can have vast and unpredictable effects on our society as it stands today. This ministry encourages the Leadership to continue its planned policy of gradual expansion when the trans-dimensional technology codenamed "Absprung" is perfected and the project formally begins. While the following 862-page report will demonstrate why such a policy is the wisest, our basic findings and recommendations are presented here, in this summary.

Applications of the Technology
While the technical specifications are beyond the scope of the trade ministry (see the Science Ministry's "Report on the Development of Trans-Dimensional Analysis and Exploration") it nevertheless seems worthwhile to discuss the tools of trans-dimensional travel from the layman's perspective.

The Absprung (so named by one of the chief architects of the trans-dimensional travel research, professor Werner Ubernacht) is the device actually capable of opening a "hole" into other worlds. By stepping through such a hole, an individual is transported to another place. While the device itself is limitless in its applications, in that it appears one may visit any of a seemingly infinite number of worlds, certain limitations have nevertheless been incorporated into its design. Chief among these are,
1) the hole works in only one direction, thereby preventing unanticipated entry into our world by unknown forces, and
2) the device is attuned only to those environments friendly to humankind. In other words, there is no danger of stepping through a hole into a vacuum or other hostile environment.

The Abrspung is nearly useless, however, without the Himmelskarte (also named by professor Ubernacht). While the Absprung is unquestionably a marvel of technology and is an amazing scientific breakthrough, it is the Himmelskarte that represents one of the greatest advances to your empire.

The Himmelskarte essentially acts as a map of all reality. It analyzes and categorizes other worlds based on highly sophisticated algorithms, then provides them to the user as a simple visual menu and map. Truly, this is what will enable our society to advance and grow through exchange with other cultures, as it gives us the opportunity to examine carefully the customs and mores of any civilization with which we choose to make contact.

The casing holding the Himmelskarte is extremely durable, capable of remaining intact under duress. This feature was incorporated into the design to protect our future explorers. While the Absprung can and will function whenever inserted into the Himmelskarte, if the Himmelskarte is not functioning properly the user will be transported to a random world - possibly even one not yet categorized by the device.

This is not the only way in which the Himmelskarte has been designed for portable exploration. The miniaturization of the device enables us to come and go as we will, and as of the date of submission of this report, over 5,000 worlds have been categorized by our department. Sociologists are studying the other realms in depth, and will continue to do so for decades to come.

While contact has been made with one world (resulting in the acquisition of an exotic pet for the future princess), several highly militant worlds have already been quarantined, and travel to them will not be permitted for the time being. The Trade Ministry agrees heartily with this policy, and suggests that the Leadership make initial contact with a world more similar to our own. While several worlds meet this criterion, our recommendation is to engage initial discussion with the realm designated "Hawaii". Further recommendations to follow.

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