Presented here is a full archive of the various press releases that Seven Seas Entertainment, LLC has issued since it launched in September 2004.

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(2015/12/11)  Seven Seas Goes Beyond Romance with License of NTR: Netsuzou Trap
(2015/12/11)  Seven Seas is At Your Service with License of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
(2015/12/10)  Seven Seas Teaches Survival with License of Land of the Rising Dead: A Tokyo School Girl's Guide To Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse
(2015/12/10)  Seven Seas Gives Shoujo Makeover to Classic Pride and Prejudice Novel
(2015/12/9)  Seven Seas Crafts a New World with How to Build a Dungeon: Book of the Demon King
(2015/12/8)  Seven Seas Educates Monster Fan Masses with License of Monster Girl Encyclopedia
(2015/12/7)  Seven Seas Gets Extra Colorful with License of Please Tell Me! Galko-chan
(2015/12/7)  Seven Seas Makes Music with License of Magia the Ninth
(2015/12/4)  Seven Seas Goes Prehistoric with License of My Girlfriend is a T-Rex
(2015/12/3)  Seven Seas Ensnares the License for The Seven Princes of the Thousand Year Labyrinth
(2015/12/2)  Seven Seas Bewitches with License of Holy Corpse Rising
(2015/12/1)  Seven Seas Goes Back to Class with License of My Pathetic Vampire Life
(2015/12/1)  Seven Seas Returns to Hell with License of Love in Hell: Death Life
(2015/11/30)  Seven Seas Hits the Bullseye with License of Lord Marksman and Vanadis
(2015/11/6)  Seven Seas Expands Its Harem with Monster Musume: I Heart Monster Girls
(2015/11/4)  Seven Seas Entertainment Celebrates Over Ten Years of Amazing Agent Luna with Final Volume
(2015/09/4)  Seven Seas Strikes Back with Masamune-kun's Revenge
(2015/09/4)  Seven Seas Hops into the Fray with License of Battle Rabbits
(2015/09/4)  Seven Seas Goes to the Front of the Class with License of I Was Abducted by an Elite All-Girls School as a Sample Commoner
(2015/07/15)  Seven Seas Entertainment Goes Down the Yellow Brick Road in Illustrated Wizard of Oz Novel Omnibus
(2015/07/14)  Seven Seas Enters a New World with The Other Side of Secret Manga License
(2015/07/03)  Seven Seas Visits the Afterlife with License of Angel Beats!: Heaven's Door Manga
(2015/05/19)  Seven Seas Has Gotta Catch 'Em All With License of Tomodachi x Monster
(2015/05/06)  Seven Seas Entertainment Walks with the Dead with License of Hour of the Zombie
(2015/04/30)  Seven Seas Entertainment Envisions a Brighter Future with License of orange Manga Series
(2015/04/29)  Seven Seas Entertainment Returns to the Virtual World with License of NOT LIVES Manga Series
(2015/04/28)  Seven Seas Entertainment Mixes Fun, Freaky, and Frankenstein with License of FRANKEN FRAN Manga Series
(2015/03/04)  Seven Seas Kickstarts its First Game: SPACE DANDY
(2015/03/05)  Seven Seas Launches Tabletop Games Division

(2014/01/31)  Orange You Glad It's Time to Announce Our Newest Yuri License?
(2014/01/17)  Seven Seas To Publish Dance in the Vampire Bund "Doujinshi" Collections!
(2014/01/03)  Seven Seas turns "10" with a New Website!

(2013/12/09)  Eight New Licenses for Seven Seas!
(2013/10/17)  Monster Musume is this Halloween's Special Treat!
(2013/08/09)  Seven Seas Got Milk!
(2013/07/15)  Seven Seas Launches on Air, Land and Sea!
(2013/07/15)  Seven Seas @ San Diego Comic-Con 2013
(2013/02/18)  Seven Seas Declares World War Blue
(2013/02/14)  Centaurs & Succubi & Lamias, Oh My!

(2012/10/04)  Seven Seas Licenses The Sacred Blacksmith, Kanokon, & Zero's Familiar Manga
(2012/03/08)  Seven Seas Announces Werewolf Manga Guardians of Luna
(2012/02/29)  Seven Seas Licenses HAGANAI and MAYO CHIKI!

(2011/11/22)  Seven Seas Goes Omnibus-First With Girl Friends & I Don't Like You At All, Big Brother!!
(2011/11/01)  Seven Seas to Release Young Miss Holmes with Vampire Bund Cameo
(2011/10/14)  Seven Seas Announces Alice in the Country of Clover & Angel Para Bellum
(2011/08/01)  Seven Seas Launches "Zoom Comics" Free Webcomic Portal
(2011/07/15)  "My Boyfriend is a Vampire" From Seven Seas Goes Ebook-First

(2010/12/31)  Dance in the Vampire Bund Vol. 9 Sells Out
(2010/10/07)  Seven Seas Announces Final Strawberry Panic Novel
(2010/10/06)  Seven Seas Introduces Dance in the Vampire Bund Side Story
(2010/07/14)  Seven Seas Acquires 3 Red Hot Manga From Japan!
(2010/07/14)  Seven Seas' Comic-Con 2010 Convention Schedule
(2010/04/08)  Seven Seas Relaunches Gunslinger Girl & Blood Alone
(2010/03/29)  Seven Seas to Expand Lunaverse
(2010/03/17)  Seven Seas Brings On the Fang Service with "Vampire Cheerleaders"

(2009/09/09)  Seven Seas' Manga Titles Come to the Amazon Kindle
(2009/07/08)  Seven Seas' Comic-Con 2009 Convention Schedule

(2008/07/23)  Seven Seas and Metromix L.A. present "The Ninja Diaries"
(2008/07/21)  Seven Seas' Comic-Con 2008 Convention Schedule
(2008/03/03)  Seven Seas Light Novel Giveaway in Exchange for Review

(2007/12/06)  Tor Books partners with Seven Seas to form new manga imprint
(2007/08/07)  Aoi House In Love! - Seven Seas' Hit Harem Comedy Returns
(2007/07/23)  Award-Winning Hollow Fields Manga Goes Back to Press
(2007/07/06)  Seven Seas Artist Wins International Manga Award
(2007/06/25)  Seven Seas Announces Anime Expo '07 Convention Schedule
(2007/04/04)  Aoi House Flash Animation Included on Newtype USA DVD

(2006/12/15)  Seven Seas Nabs Venus Versus Virus
(2006/12/04)  Seven Seas Debuts Animated Aoi House Music Video
(2006/11/29)  Scholastic to Stock Amazing Agent Luna & Destiny's Hand
(2006/11/27)  Seven Seas Announces "He is My Master" & "Sota-kun"
(2006/10/24)  Yuri on the Seven Seas!
(2006/09/13)  Seven Seas Entertainment Launches New "Light Novel" Imprint
(2006/08/28)  New Picture Book Gets Flash Animation
(2006/07/31)  Seven Seas Announces Kashimashi & 3 Other Japanese Licenses
(2006/07/18)  Seven Seas' Comic-Con 2006 Convention Schedule
(2006/07/07)  Seven Seas Launches 3 New Webmanga
(2006/06/27)  Seven Seas' Anime Expo 2006 Convention Schedule
(2006/06/06)  Seven Seas to Create Original Death Jr. Manga
(2006/01/25)  Seven Seas Revs Up with Speed Racer!
(2006/01/17)  Seven Seas Presents Boogiepop Commercials

(2005/12/21)  Seven Seas Manga Serialized in Newtype USA
(2005/11/14)  Seven Seas to Publish Three Hit Webcomics
(2005/10/31)  Seven Seas Enters the World of Boogiepop
(2005/08/25)  Seven Seas Launches No Man's Land Flash Anime
(2005/06/30)  Seven Seas: Livin' It Up Con Style
(2005/05/27)  Seven Seas Trailblazes with Manga Theme Song
(2005/05/18)  Seven Seas Offers Manga for PSP: Round 2
(2005/05/16)  Seven Seas Relaunches with Three New Web Manga
(2005/04/26)  Manga for Sony PSP: Seven Seas Announces 12,000 Downloads in 5 Days
(2005/04/20)  Seven Seas Offers Free Downloadable Manga For Sony PSP
(2005/03/03)  Ted Naifeh to Pen New Manga Series Unearthly for Seven Seas
(2005/02/15)  Seven Seas Announces Fan Art Contest
(2005/01/24)  Seven Seas Announces New Webmanga--Aoi House

(2004/10/25)  Seven Seas Launches GOMANGA.COM
(2004/10/01)  Seven Seas, Diamond Sign Booktrade Agreement
(2004/09/30)  Seven Seas Sets Sail

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