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Portable Manga Downloads

On April 26, 2005, Seven Seas Entertainment became the first manga publisher to release free downloadable manga content for the Sony PSP. This move proved so popular that in just 5 days, 12,000 downloads had been attained and that number keeps growing. Various publications in both the manga and video game industries covered the news, such as Animation Insider, which referred to Seven Seas as a "trailblazer."

"This is only the beginning," says Seven Seas President Jason DeAngelis. "We've discovered that the Sony PSP is a great, innovative way to reach manga fans, and the fact that we're still a small company with flexibility means that we're able to work fast to provide original, free content for PSP users."

Seven Seas Manga Titles Available for Download:

Amazing Agent Luna - Chapter 1 (2.95 MB)
Amazing Agent Luna - Chapter 2 (2.20 MB)

Aoi House - Chapter 1 (2.75 MB)
Aoi House - Chapter 2 (2.25 MB)
Aoi House Music Video MP4 File (11.8 MB)
Aoi House Theme Song Downloadable MP3s

Blade for Barter - Chapter 1 (2.78 MB)

Destiny's Hand Vol. 1, Chapter 1 (2.24 MB)

Hollow Fields Vol. 1, Chapter 1 (3.52 MB)

Moonlight Meow Vol. 1, Chapter 1 (2.52 MB)

Last Hope Vol. 1, Chapter 1 (2.82 MB)

No Man's Land Vol. 1, Chapter 1 (3.01 MB)

Unearthly Vol. 1, Chapter 1 (1.87 MB)

How to download Seven Seas manga onto your Sony PSP:

1.) Download the desired chapter from the list above to an easy to remember location on your computer. To learn more about the Seven Seas titles listed, please click the banners above and you will be taken to the title's property page.
2.) You will need to have your Sony PSP turned on and connected to your computer using a USB cord. (Alternately, you can use a memory stick reader and have your memory stick plugged directly into your computer.)
3.) With the Sony PSP turned on, arrow over to "Settings" on the main menu and select "USB Connection" and press the X Button. Your Sony PSP will now be in USB Mode.
4.) On your computer, locate the zip file you downloaded and open it.
5.) Copy the folder contained within the zip file (example: "amazing_agent_luna_vol1_c1") to the "PHOTO" folder on your PSP or memory stick. This destination folder will be named something like "X:\PSP\PHOTO" where "X" is the drive letter for your PSP or memory stick.
6.) If you get lost, please consult the manual that came with your Sony PSP or ask for help in the "Talk Back" section of the Gomanga Forums.

Seven Seas Manga Viewing Instructions:

1.) Turn on Sony PSP and arrow over to "Photo."
2.) Arrow down to your Memory Stick and press the "X" button.
3.) Select desired folder and press the "X" button twice to bring up viewer.
4.) Tilt the Sony PSP so the directional pad is pointed downward.

Sony PSP Photo Viewer Controls:

Right Shoulder Button - Turns Page Forward
Left Shoulder Button - Turns Page Backward
Circle Button - Takes You Back to the Main Menu
Triangle Button - Brings Up Zoom Menu*

* IMPORTANT: Pressing the Triangle Button and then the X button will zoom the image in for greater readability. Once zoomed in, press the Circle Button to cancel the menu. You can now use the Analogue Stick to move the image from side to side to see the entire page.

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