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Aoi House: The Music Video

Aoi House: The Music Video (Flash Version)
High-Quality: (468x312 - 7.28 MB) [Hosted Locally]
High-Quality: (468x312 - 7.28 MB) [Newgrounds.com]

Bonus Feature: Unused Opening Sequence
Download the Video: MP4 File, PSP Optimized (11.8 MB)

Download the Aoi House Theme Song: "Itsumo Futaride"

Music Video Credits
Animation: Jonathan Talas (Atan)
Original Story: Adam Arnold
Original Art: Shiei
Theme Song: The J Brothers

To ensure proper playback of the flash version of Aoi House: The Music Video, you should have the latest version of Macromedia's Flash Player installed on your computer. It is also recommended that you close any unnecessary programs to free up system resources.

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