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Last Hope Goes to Press: Inside the Printing Process

Text & Images by Jason DeAngelis

Massive conveyor belts carry thousands of pages of Last Hope fresh from the press!

From one Dr. Seussian machine to another, sheaves of pages just keep whirring and whizzing by!

A blur of manga zips past.

A sheaf is grabbed off the conveyor belt for me to inspect. Piles of rejects lie in the trash bin.

Thousands of compacted Last Hope pages are packed onto a skid.

The metal plates from which this particular signature of pages was printed.

Blue plate, Red plate...

...Black plate, Yellow plate...

...Four-color covers they make.

Thousands of sheets of rejects are produced before the inks are properly mixed.
After a number of revisions, they grab a sheet off the press, cut it, and laminate it for me,
and Eureka!, the final Last Hope cover is born!

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