Episode 7, Page #1 - "Headline News"

Ronin Ramblings: 01/31/2006

If you're curious, here's the full article as it appears on the front page of the New Edo Times:

"Two notorious eat-and-runners went on a mad rampage today through the streets of Geisha Town, knocking down innocent bystanders and leaving a path of destruction in their wake. Witnesses saw them fleeing from a sushi and ice cream parlor, being chased by the establishment's knife-wielding sushi chef, Tagosaku Jones. According to Mr. Jones, the eat-and-runners left behind an unpaid bill of 346.38 chips, and "had very bad table manners." According to some witnesses, one of the two criminals had a bad case of gas as he was fleeing the scene.

A small contingent of Samurai Union members, headed by the illustrious Nikolai Nishiki, were dispatched to deal with these miscreants, and a chaotic chase ensued, resulting in the destruction of at least one building in Geisha Town. A final confrontation between the dangerous criminals and the Samurai Union took place at a cul-de-sac in front of the local suicide center, where the Samurai Union members fought valiantly. Unfortunately, the criminals managed to escape, and their identities are still unknown. One expert believes that the eat-and-run gang is actually a hoax instituted by greedy restaurant owners who are trying to attract attention to their otherwise miserable restaurants."
[-- As seen in volume one of Blade for Barter]

-Jason DeAngelis